Jamie Lynne Poetry

{February 20, 2017}   I See Your Soul

I see the beauty in your soul
Weighted down with misery
Chains that wrap around your heart
Bringing out the enemy

I see the sadness in your soul
You keep at bay with force of will
The demon trapped by the facade
That gives you such an icy chill

I see the anger in your soul
A past of pain that won’t subside
You hide it well with happy eyes
While it festers deep inside

I see the kindness in your soul
That reaches out to those like you
Wants to save the troubled damned
A kindness that is soft and true

I see your soul, translucent beauty
Scars and cracks and glowing light
Failing to seek out the beauty
It dies illuminating night


{January 3, 2017}   Creature

Sick creature
Skin and bone
Roams the streets
Without a home

Without a face
Without a soul
But I took pity
On this ghoul

At deaths door
The creature reached
But woe is she
Who tries to teach

For creatures lie
And steal and hate
And never once

It’s only they
Who fail to see
Collapse of their

So blame me now
Cause I don’t speak
I will not break
I am not weak

I have a home
A face and soul
And so, sick creature
I’m not the fool…

{December 27, 2016}   I Would Follow You

I would follow you
If you took a step
If you reached for my hand
But you’re standing still
As my heart beats
So loudly
Why aren’t we dancing to the rhythm
I visualize the steps
And wait for your feet to move
The clock ticks
And I want to shout
I would follow you!
If you glanced up at me
If you gave me a sign
But you’re a statue
A beautiful statue
And I’m fading away

{December 27, 2016}   Doll

Wind up doll
In a music box
He turns the key
She learns to walk
On her toes
She twirls around
Dancing till
There is no sound
He falls asleep
She holds her pose
Waiting for
The lid to close
Tired legs
And weary eyes
Holding steady
Through the night
He awakes
And shuts her in
Only darkness
Once again
Until the time
The key unlocks
Wind up doll
In a music box

{October 26, 2016}   Backstage

I stood alone
Looking for my friend
I left her in the front row
A man approached me
He said he would help me find her
He said he could get me backstage
Meet the bands
Get some autographs
I followed
Dark bleachers
Deafening music
He said he would take me backstage
Sudden realization
With a hand over my mouth and nose
No breath
Trying to get away.
Hands pinned over my head
Stripped of my humanity
There I was, backstage
Heart pounding
Inaudible screams
Tears falling
Reduced to a disposable object
He said he could get me backstage
He said he could GET ME
Back stage

{October 26, 2016}   Toxic

Maybe once upon a time
You looked into my big blue eyes
And I was your baby
But this tale’s been told before
I’ll never be that little girl
The feelings left unspoken
I’m broken
Through great feats and tragedy
I held my head up gracefully
Never with you at my side
I cried
Lies will spread, and rumors grow
A broken heart, a broken home
Clinging to humanity
Your loyalties lie with the beasts
Truth so gone you cannot speak
This love is too toxic
I’ve lost it
I can not hang on anymore
Praying you’ll be something more
It’s time we both let go
And grow
Maybe once upon a time
But time is cruel as it unwinds
I’ll never be that little girl
I cannot be your baby

{December 23, 2015}   White Rabbit

I’d follow you to the edge,                                                  You’re the white rabbit to my Alice, 

You keep my head spinning,

And you never have the time.

You caught my eye,

And I followed you down the rabbit hole,

Got lost in a fantasy,

Stuck in a game of chase.

Rabbits are fast,

And I’m just a girl,

You have places to be,

And this is your world. 

Can’t tell what’s real,

And what I’m imagining,

But I know it’s bound to end.

I’ll wake up confused and alone,

“Has anyone seen the white rabbit?”

You’ll be home with your queen,

Moving swiftly, like you do,

I’ll be under a tree,

Daydreaming of you.

No way to know if it was real,

Or simply, in my head,

No proof that we were ever us,

Just a whisper,

The ticking clock,

No time to say goodbye, hello,

You’re late.

{November 4, 2015}   Detached

It’s one of those nights
My mind is racing
With nowhere to go
And I’ll never reach you
I’m at the bottom of a well
Looking up
Trapped with my thoughts
And my ever-heavy heart
I’ll run circles all night
And you’ll lie still
I’ll swallow my words
For the millionth time
Along with another pill
And you’ll never know
As you climb into your bed tonight
In peaceful ignorance
I am burdened
With so much I need to say
Ready to scream it
Holding it all back
The best that I can
I can’t keep making myself vulnerable
When you’re so distant and detached

{November 2, 2015}   Torture

You are my own torture
And I wonder
How many nights I’ll lie awake
Longing for your touch
Your words
Playing this juvenile game
A quest I’m always losing
Yet can’t resist another round
I reach out into the darkness
Hoping you’ll reach back
But I am left empty
Hollow and disappointed
I’m a transparent mess
Of all the things you know you can have
The reason you linger
By merely a thread
Rather than reach for my hand
I can’t change that about myself
I will always love you completely
And wish I could let you go
You hold pieces of me
That I’m afraid to lose
I see them in your eyes
And I wonder…
Indeed, you are my own torture

{September 26, 2015}   Mad Love

When you say you love me, it doesn’t put a smile on my face, or butterflies in my stomach. No, it feels as though the walls of my chest are caving in, and I am completely falling apart. It overpowers me. This is a maddening love. A reach down your throat and rip out your heart kind of love. A sickening love. A can’t eat, can’t sleep kind of love. A love unlike anything I’ve felt before. How then, do I cure it?

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